We invest in mature companies with a stable, positive track record. We apply the following criteria when selecting new equity investments.

Cultural fit

Cultural fit with management and co-owners is an essential requirement. Every investment should be based on mutual trust and shared values.


We are interested in small and medium-sized businesses with an EBITDA between EUR 0.5m and 2m.

Strong market

Our preference is for companies operating in markets that are experiencing favourable macro-economic trends.

Exit options

Robur Capital is an open-ended fund. We don't stick to a particular exit strategy, but we do seek to reach a clear agreement on this in advance.

No biotech or high-tech

We invest only in markets where we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market dynamics and competitive environment. So that excludes the biotech and high-tech industries.

Belgium and beyond

We prefer to invest in Belgian companies, but in some cases we will also consider businesses based in the Netherlands, Germany, France or the UK.

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