Robur Capital was set up in January 2016 by four single-minded entrepreneurs with more than 80 years’ professional experience between them. Our mission is to provide capital and operational support to business owners and small and medium-sized enterprises to enable them to achieve their ambitions – growth, acquisitions and transfers.

Belgium is traditionally home to many SMEs. Whereas most private equity funds target medium-sized and large companies, Robur Capital deliberately focuses on smaller successful businesses with an annual EBITDA between EUR 0.5m and 2m. Accomplishing growth and promoting professionalism in this sector are key drivers for us.

A representative survey of small and medium-sized family businesses in Belgium found that 60% of the respondents are considering handing over their company within 10 years. Of those who wish to pass on the business to the next generation, 60% anticipate financial obstacles. What’s more, 55% are looking for a successor outside the family.

Clearly, there is a need for external capital in Robur Capital’s target market. We would be happy to invest in companies that meet our investment criteria and give them the benefit of our experience.

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