Once we’ve talked to you and established the objectives of the deal, we can get to work. Every project is different, of course, but typically we go through four phases.

Phase 1 – Due diligence

This involves analysing the legal, financial, strategic, operational and commercial aspects of the company in question. We look at its history as well as its future prospects. Any existing plans for value creation are examined in detail and verified. Usually we will work with you to draw up a new plan for value creation.

Phase 2 – Structuring

Every deal has to be approved by our Investment committee. Various options are considered during negotiations on the deal structure. We seek the best possible solution for both parties – buyer and seller – and aim to achieve a healthy debt-to-equity ratio. During this phase, the interests of Robur Capital are aligned with those of the co-investors and the target company’s management.

Phase 3 – Active shareholder engagement

Our involvement doesn’t stop once the deal is closed. We want to be an active shareholder, not only acting as a sounding board for the management but also offering operational support and coaching where needed. In this way, we can make sure that middle management is performing effectively and has sufficient autonomy. Together, we see the plan for value creation through to fruition.

Phase 4 – Exit

Robur Capital is an open-ended fund, which means that we don’t stick to a particular exit strategy. But sooner or later, exit is inevitable and at that point the goal is to maximise shareholder value. True to our values, we do this with all due respect for everyone involved – employees, clients and suppliers.

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